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WordPress Theme Development With Bootstrap: In this course you will Learn how to confidently develop custom  and  profitable Responsive WordPress Themes & Websites with no prior experience.

Created by: Brad hussey

Last Updated: 7/2016


What you will learn in this course ?

  • Accept the  skill earning money on the side, as a casual author and full time as a work form home author.
  • Easily create a Awesome HTML And CSS website with bootstrap.
  • Change any type of static HTML and CSS website into a custom WordPress themes. 
  • Accept a through considerate of utilizing PHP to built WordPress Website and themes.
  • Aura comfortable with the action of turning static websites into dynamic WordPress website.
  • Completely understand that how to use custom Post Type & progressive custom fields in WordPress.
  • Grant your customers to updated theirs websites by themselves by building users accounts.


  • Accept the beginning understanding of HTML & CSS or PHP .
  • Accept the  access to a code editor and free or differently I suggest coda 2 as that’s the editor I always solely.
  • An Internet connection is needed.
  • A new copy of bootstrap & WordPress.
  • Download after downloading than install MAMP.
  • Your favorite drink. 


lecture updated on july 18th 2016

The last course files now include the new version of bootstrap & WordPress for your benefit.

If you are freelance designer & entrepreneur or employee in company. This course will give you an ever valuable skill that will enable you to either

WordPress developers have a lots of options like what kind of option they had everybody will called him or her  that would you like to make website for my schools & collage or hospital any kind of business company etc and they will fee a good amount more than his or her salary .

Who is the target audience ?

  • This lecture is for those who are self-worker & take action. The skill you will learn overhear will allow you to build an income on the side. or created a full-time business building custom WordPress websites for customers.
  • If you have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS OR PHP ? this lecture will more charge those skill will return them into credibly valuable assets.
  • If you don’t have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS or PHP you are going to have bad time with this lecture & would brush up on those skills before investing of money in this lecture.
  • This lecture is for that who wished to start a web development business on the side.
  • If you have the idea for creating an income on the side and learning the code custom WordPress websites with framework like bootstrap is a surefire to get your own self some different freelance gigs.

Size: 3.67G

Content retrieved from: https://www.udemy.com/bootstrap-to-wordpress/.

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