Ultimate Ethical Hacking Boot Camp – Beginner to PRO

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Ultimate Ethical Hacking Boot Camp - Beginner to PRO

Ethical Hacking Beginner to Professional: Learn Ethical Hacking from the World Best Hacker Bryan Seely, Learn the Real Secrets from the Real hackers.

Created By: Seely Security

Last Updated: 11/2016

Course Language: English

What Will You Learn In This Course?

  • You will learn to setup a testing lab for the penetration testing.
  • You will learn to identify and hack into the wireless access points.
  • You will learn to recover lost passwords with password cracking tools.
  • You will learn to simulate a phishing attack to steal usernames and password with decoy website.


  • You must have a basic understanding of computers.
  • You must know basic understanding of networking.
  • You must know Windows / Linux / Mac OS and hardware capabilities of running virtual machines, or spare hardware to run the other operating systems necessary to perform the practice Demos.

Description : The Ultimate Ethical Hacking BootCamp

You will learn Ethical Hacking from the world best Hacker, Who is professional endorsements from the people like Mark Cuban Billionaire Tech Entrepreneur, Star of the Shark Tank, and the legendary of Cyber Security Expert John McAfee.

SeelyThinks entirely out of the box, and has consistently looked to leverage his skills for the good of society,”

McAfee Said in the Statement.

This course is packed with tons of videos lectures that can help the person to learn from the beginning to professional levels, This course will take you from Zero to Hero.

This course talks about the Process of Hacking, from gathering information in the Reconnaissance Phase, to more involved look at the target in the Scanning Phase. Enumeration and System Hacking bring the basic “Hacking Process” to a close.

Today many news often you see them in news channels large hacks and data breaches are the result of social engineering. Social Engineers figure out that you can’t always hack the machines, and sometimes its much easier to hack the unsuspecting person with the machine.

You will have complete practical hands on practice with Demos in it.

In just taking of this course you will be able to figure out the new ways and techniques to better understand the cyber security.

Who is the Target Audience in This Course?

  • Anyone with a basic tech / computer background that wants to learn about ethical hacking and cyber security.
  • Anyone already in Information Security Field who wants hands on practice.

Size: 3.36 GB

Content retrieved from: https://www.udemy.com/cybersecurity-ultimate-ethical-hacking-boot-camp/learn/v4/overview.


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