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Modern JavaScript: In this course you will learn java-script while by building real world apps and including the 3 real world projects or 80 programming challenges & ES6/ES7.

Created By: Andrew Mead

Last Updated: 5/2018


What will you learn in this course ?

  • In this course you will Learn JavaScript by building three real-world web applications.
  • You will learn how to Gain a deep understanding of  JavaScript works behind the scenes.
  • You will learn how to Explore the latest cutting-edge features from ES6 & ES7.
  • You will learn and Test your skills & gain confidence by completing over 80 coding challenges.
  • You will Learn how to deploy your application to the web so you can share them with everyone.
  • You will Learn how to use Promises & Async/Await with asynchronous JavaScript.
  • You will learn how to Get more done by learning how to debug & fix your code when things go wrong.
  • You will learn how to Get access to a free 80 page PDF guide with lecture notes and code samples or  documentation links.


  • In this course you will not need any programming experience.
  • While taking this course you will need a Computer such as Windows, MacOS, Linux with an internet connections.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is new in this course.
  • Anyone who wants to learn modern javaSCRIPT.
  • Anyone who is already student of javaScript.

Size: 12.88 GB


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