The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond

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The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond

The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond: In this course With Mr  Warrick Klimaytys you will learn A simple Windows 10 computer course to help you improve your computing skills and speed up your computer!

Created  By: Warrick Klimaytys

Last Updated: 10/2018


What Will You Learn In this The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond ?

  • The skills to confidently diagnose issues on a Windows 10 computer; Including older operating systems, i.e. Windows 8, 7, XP, etc.
  • Be able to navigate and customize a Windows 10 operating system to suit it’s user… YOU!

  • How to apply basic maintenance to a computer, things you would pay for from a tradesman, and It can all be done through the use of a mouse and keyboard.

  • You will have a better understanding of “more than basic” computer use and maintenance.

Requirements For This The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond:

  • If you are reading this description on a Windows 10 computer, or you have one or more, then you have everything you need to start and complete this course.
  • All tutorials are broken down into “bitesized” step by step instructions. All you will have to do is follow along.
  • Any tutorial that needs your computer to stay on while it carries out a task, I will let you know at the beginning of that tutorial to help you manage your time more effectively.

Description For This The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond:

Windows 10 is now being used by more than one billion computer users worldwide, but most user’s don’t know how to get the most out of this most powerful of operating systems, never mind how to carry out basic maintenance to keep everything responsive and running silky smooth!

So, in this “Windows 10 computer course”, I plan on taking you on a journey and introducing you to some pretty cool areas of Windows 10, that once known, will set you apart from the rest of the pack! At it’s core, this course will take you through some basic and advanced “step by step” tutorials on computer maintenance to help improve the speed of your computer; and also, how to carry out preventative maintenance to stop it happening again! But there is no need for screw drivers and other tools; Your two main tools for the course will be the keyboard and the mouse! You’ll also be introduced to areas of Windows 10 that will undoubtedly improve you user experience, helping you with navigation and task management.

Generally speaking…

I was inspired to create this course after I bore witness to many computer users living with less than desirable computer performance, and it was only with my intervention that they were able to start using their computer (Some of them very expensive) with the performance it was designed to deliver; and afterwards, they would sometimes look at me as if I had just painted a masterpiece in front of there very eyes!

What you will learn in this course:

  • Be able to carry out maintenance to optimize a computers true processing power.
  • Manage programmes and applications more effectively and efficiently.
  • Discover new skills that will set you apart from other Windows 10 users.
  • Become more confident with general and advanced computer use.
  • And much more…

What you need to know for enrollment:

If you are reading this description on a computer that has Windows 10 or you have one or more, then you are already overly qualified! You will be able to start carrying out the exercises and procedures that I show you in this course straight away! If there is a requirement to leave your computer switched on and plugged in, while it carries out a task, I will let you know at the beginning of the tutorial, so you’ll be able to manage your time while doing this course.

You will be able to take the skills taught  in this “Windows 10 computer course”, and apply them to all aspects of your “digital life”; Whether it be to improve your skill set for current or future employment, adding to your skills set as a self employed person, or just maintaining your own, or someone else’s, computer while learning some awesome Windows 10 skills along the way!

A little more information…

All steps in this course are simplified to the bare bones to suit ALLtypes of enrolling students

This course can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars! Never have to hire a professional again to sort out “silly little issues” on your computer for you! Also, save money by not having to buy a new computer to replace a perfectly good one. More money for that nice holiday!

This course can provide you with the necessary Microsoft training to quite possibly help you move into a field of Information Computer Technology and even writing code. 

I hope you find what you are looking for in my course,

Kind regards

Warrick Klimaytys

Who is The Target Audience For This The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and Beyond ?
  • Any person with a Windows 10 computer system and aspires to be awesome ! Computing skills only need to be basic.
  • Individuals who would like a better understanding of how to use a computer but are not sure about how to go about finding out.
  • No need to plan ahead. The course is completely flexible and easy to fit around any schedule; it is also available on mobile devices.

Size: 1.6GB

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About the Instructor (Warrick Klimaytys)

After qualifying and spending many years with all manner of computers in all kinds of situations all around the world, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to share my knowledge and skills with the Udemy community!

Over a decade ago I started my professional life in the military where I gained experience with all kinds of computers and complex machinery. But, today, I could be referred to as just a humble Microsoft “Windows Warrior”. As a result of my past experience, I find it is best to deliver my lessons in bite sized pieces, and though I try and stay one step ahead of Technology, I find it is always best to walk side by side with my students.

For the past several years, I have been on the front-line of teaching people how to effectively use computers and Microsoft software like Microsoft Excel to improve their personal and business circumstances. And I loved every second of it (and still do)! I’ve seen the majority of my students go on to change their career with their new skills, or at the very least, get the promotion they deserve! 

So please join me on this exciting adventure called life!

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