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The complete Android Kotlin Developer course

The Complete Android Kotlin Developer course: In this  course you will learn how to make online games & Apps for Android Such as Pokemon and twitter or tic tac toe & notepad using kotlin.

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Created By: Hussein Al Rubaye

Last Updated: 1/2018


What will  you learn in this  course ?

  • Learn how to build your First Mobile App with Kotlin.
  • Learn how to Apply to jr. Android development Jobs.
  • Learn how to build real-world Android apps Such as Twitter, Facebook  My notes , find my phone, Media-player, find the age, calculator, find sunrise time & Alarm.
  • Learn how to Build online games Such as  Pokémon, play tic tac toe online with friends.
  • Learn how to Work with New Firebase from Google & Web services (RESTful API calls).
  • Learn how to Work with sqlite Database & Shared Preferences.
  • Learn how to Work with user location & maps.
  • Learn how to Design amazing layout while  using Style, Color,Shape, Menu & Constraint Layout.
  • Learn how to Work with camera & other Hardwares Such as  light sensor to run music when light on & Accelerate-meter sensor.
  • Learn How to avoid reverse engineering (Reskin) for your own  apps.
  • Learn how to Make app that support Supporting Different Screens & different languages.
  • Learn how to Use system service like BroadcastReceive, Services & Alarm.
  • Learn how to Understand the programming foundation.
  • Learn how to Understand the programming logic, condition & control it.
  • Learn and Understand the OOP in Kotlin.
  • Learn how to Use collections &  what is the better place to use collection.


  • In this course no previous programming knowledge is required.
  • In this course you will need  a PC or Laptop running Microsoft Windows and linux or Mac running OS X.


This course is for Anybody who has interest in Programming.  In this course you will learn all fundamentals of Programming that you need to begin your real work like  Programmer. For taking this course install the Development environment then you can run your first Kotlin App. In this course no Previous Knowledge is required we will teach you what you need in this course to make Apps. 

Who is the target Audience ?

This course is build for anybody who has interest to learn programming and how to create Android Apps with Kotlin.

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