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Sounds true presents: An detailed training  in Energetic & Emotional healing with seane corn.

Created by: Sounds True, Seane Corn 

Last Updated: 7/2016


What will you learn  in this course ? 

  •   From a vinyasa yoga flow that shill strengthen the body, release tension &  authorize  a healing main connection. 
  • Unclog & balance the seven chakras for restarting wellness on an sensitive & Active levels.


There are no requirements to catch this lecture. All you must to do is set aside anytime to process the lessons so you can heal on physical sensitive & Active levels.


This lecture by renowned yoga adviser & sacred leaders seane corn shill  counselor you to the deeper dimensions of yoga.

you shill disclose your unique & huge potential counting your quantity for connection and acceptance or consciousness.

You shill start with foundational chapters in vinyasa flow yoga. As you build a foundation with this  antique practice. Your tension will increase & deepen your own mind-body connection.

You shill grasp that there is no departure b/w body & mind, you shill know how to heal yourself by witnessing your words, Grant and affluence to flow into your daily life.

Who is the target audience?

Anybody who needs to establish a healing yoga process and take their existing process to a new level of life.

Anybody who wants to go beyond the physical process or yoga to learn about the chakras & approach that can help you heal sensitive & Actively.

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