Learn Python Programming Basics Fast

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Learn Python Programming Basics Fast

Learn Python Programming Basics Fast: In this course with Eric M. H. Goh  You will learn Python basics fast with This course.

Created By: Eric M. H. Goh

Last Updated: 9/2018


What Will You Learn In this Learn Python Programming Basics Fast ?

  • You will learn in this course how to Develop their own Calculator.

Requirements For This Learn Python Programming Basics Fast:

  • You will just need to have some basic Computer Knowledge.

Description For This Learn Python Programming Basics Fast:

This is the bite size course to learn Python Programming. You will learn Python Programming very fast and You will create your own calculator very soon after learning the course.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Hello World Software
  3. Variables and Data Types
  4. Data types Conversion
  5. Arithmetic Operators
  6. Comparison Operators
  7. Assignment Operators
  8. Boolean Operators
  9. Decision Making I (IF statements)
  10. Loop (while loop, for loop)
  11. Lists
  12. Functions
  13. Modules
  14. Object and Classes
  15. Create Your own Calculator
Who Is The Target Audience For This Learn Python Programming Basics Fast ?
  • Beginner Programmer curios in Python Programming.

Size: 710MB

Content Retrieve From=> https://www.udemy.com/create-your-calculator-learn-python-programming-basics-fast/

About the Instructor (Eric M. H. Goh)

Eric M. H. Goh

BSc, GDip, EMBA, MTech

Eric Goh is a data scientist, software engineer, adjunct faculty and entrepreneur with years of experiences in multiple industries. His varied career includes data science, data and text mining, natural language processing, machine learning, intelligent system development, and engineering product design. He founded SVBook and extended it with DSTK.Tech and EMHAcademy. DSTK.Tech is where Eric develops his own DSTK data science softwares. Eric also publishes 5 books at LeanPub and SVBook, and teaches the content at Udemy and EMHAcademy. During his free time, Eric is also an adjunct faculty at University of the People.

Eric Goh has been leading his teams for various industrial projects, including the advanced product code classification system project which automates Singapore Custom’s trade facilitation process, and Nanyang Technological University’s data science projects where he develop his own DSTK data science software. He has years of experience in C#, Java, C/C++, SPSS Statistics and Modeller, SAS Enterprise Miner, R, Python, Excel, Excel VBA and etc. He won Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Merit Award and Shortlisted Entry for TelR Data Mining Challenge.

He holds a Masters of Technology degree from the National University of Singapore, an Executive MBA degree from U21Global (currently GlobalNxt) and IGNOU, a Graduate Diploma in Mechatronics from A*STAR SIMTech (a national research institute located in Nanyang Technological University), and Coursera Specialization Certificate in Business Statistics and Analysis from Rice University. He possessed a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing from the University of Portsmouth after National Service. He is also a AIIM Certified Business Process Management Master (BPMM), GSTF certified Big Data Science Analyst (CBDSA), and IES Certified Lecturer.

Specialties: Data Science, Text Mining, Social Network Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Mechatronics, Business. 

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