Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners

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Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners

Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners: In this course with Mr  Tanzeel Ur Rehman you will learn the Master the C and C++ Programming | Learn how and where to use Variables, Conditions, Arrays, Loops, Functions & Pointers.

Created By: Tanzeel Ur Rehman

Last Updated: 10/2018


What Will You Learn In This Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners ?

  • The Complete C programming.
  • What are Variables and how to use them (with assignments).

  • Conditions including Nested conditions (with Assignments).

  • Iterations or loops including nested loops > While, do while and for (with assignments).
  • Arrays and 2-D arrays (with assignments).
  • Functions (with assignments).
  • parameters, arguments and return type.
  • Pointers (with assignments).
  • Filing (with assignments).
  • You will build different programs like simple calculator, even odd checker, factorial calculator, factors checker, etc.

Requirements For This Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners:

  • Windows or Mac.
  • 4GB or More Ram.
  • A working internet connection.
  • Some basic mathematics..
  • No prior coding knowledge required.

Description For This Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners:

Which Programming Language is taught first when someone is starting his programming career? C and C++

Which Programming Language comes under the top programming language from past 20 years? C and C++

Which Programming Language is necessary if you want to learn PHP, JavaScript, Java, etc? The C Programming Language.

Welcome to the Complete Programming Course for Absolute Beginners!

All programming languages consists of variables, conditions (if/else), loops/iterations, arrays, pointers or filing, and understanding all these concepts is really a very hard task. Here comes this Complete Programming course, it covers all these mentioned concepts.

The Fact is you do not need to learn C as it is not an often used programming language. But most languages are made based on the C language so if you know the C language, You can definitely understand any language.


Most programming languages are based on the C language and understanding C language or “Basic Programming” is really a hard task for an absolute beginner. Especially when it comes to loops or iterations, many people leave programming because they can not understand the looping! Thanks to this Course because this the course that will not only teach you the SYNTAX (how a code is written) but this course will also teach you how your compiler sees your syntax and how your code is executed so you get the complete know how of what is happening to your program or code!

BUT WHY Learn C man?

C has everything that you should learn:

  • Variables
  • Arrays
  • Iterations (For/While/Do-While)
  • DataTypes (Integer/Decimal/Character/String)
  • Functions
  • Recursions
  • Pointers
  • Filing
  • Large number of arithmetical and logical operators, such as +, +=, ++, &, ~, %(modulus), etc .

All these concepts are there in C language which are essential for any programming language so If you know C, then this mean you know 70% of programming Languages. You just need to understand their syntax and you are DONE!

Who Is The Target Audience For This Programming Fundamentals: The C and C++ Course for Beginners ?
  • Any human.
  • If you want to become a programmer, then this is definitely the first course you must take.
  • If you know programming very well, then this course is NOT for you.

Size: 11.gGB

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About the Instructor (Tanzeel Ur Rehman)

Tanzeel Ur Rehman has been working with WordPress since he was 13 years. He is the youngest Udemy instructor. He spends his whole day, practically every day, experimenting with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; dabbling with Python and Ruby; and inhaling a wide variety of potential information through a few hundred RSS feeds. He build websites that delight and inform. He does it well.

He has a passion for teaching others, especially when it comes to WordPress and WordPress marketing. Tanzeel is also certified in WordPress and has developed, a lot of WordPress themes for numerous companies. He is also an SEO expert and when it comes to WordPress, he is the best.

Tanzeel is not only in the field of WordPress, Web Designing and development But he is also a Software engineer and not only that he can also be called a graphic designer. He is a techgeek, an article composer and an online teacher

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