OffSec Lectures (Advanced Hacking and Security Lectures)

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OffSec Lectures (Advanced Hacking and Security Lectures)

OffSec Lectures (Advanced Hacking and Security Lectures): Learn the Most Advanced Hacking & Security Lectures that will help you to be a professional hacker in the community.

Course Content & Overview:

  • Linux Overview
  • Windows Overview
  • Rootkits; Code Auditing
  • x86 Reverse engineering
  • x86 Reverse engineering
  • Fuzzing and Exploit Development 101
  • Shellcode and Exploit Development 102
  • Exploit Development 103: SEH Exploitation, Heap Sprays, and Executable Security Mechanisms
  • Networking 101: Data Layer, Link Layer, and IP layer
  • Networking 102: TCP layer, Important Protocols, Services, Portscanning, ARP
  • Web application Hacking 101
  • Web Application Hacking 102: Big picture of topics so far, SQLi, XSS
  • Web Application Hacking 103: SSL attacks, advanced techniques
  • Web Application Hacking 104 & Exploit Development 104
  • Midterm review & Exploit Development 105 (ROP)
  • The Modern History of Cyber Warfare
  • Social Engineering
  • Metasploit
  • Meterpreter and Post Exploitation
  • Volatility and Incident Response

NOTE: This course is no affiliation with THE OFFENSIVE SECURITY TEAM.

Size: 2.79 GB

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