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Node JS : In this course you will learn how to get advanced with node js and How to learn caching with redis and speed up through clustering & add image upload with s3 & node.

Created By: Stephen Grider

Last Updated: 4/2018


What will you learn in this course ?

  • You will learn Absolutely master the Event Loop & understand each of its stages.
  • You will learn how to Utilize Worker Threads & Clustering to dramatically improve the performance of Node servers.
  • You will learn the Speed up database queries with caching for MongoDB backed by Redis.
  • You will learn how to Add automated browser testing to your Node server, complete with continuous integration pipeline setup.
  • You will learn how to Apply scalable image & file upload to your app, utilizing AWS S3.
  • You will need the basic knowledge of node and express or MongoDB.
  • You will need the strong knowledge of java script.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody who wants a deep mastery of node.
  • Anybody who is looking for engineers to understand the internals of node.
  • Anyone who is programmer and looking to improve his performance in node’s .

Size: 1.74G

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