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Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 15: The way to convenient of surefire way to the master of adobe Photoshop elements 15 with 14th hours of training videos.

Created by: Simon Sez IT

last Updated: 6/2017


What Will You learn in this Course?

  • The import images & optimize your own organization with the catalogs.
  • To get a comprehensive overview of  elements to workspace.
  • To apply for professional image editing & correction of techniques for incredible results.
  • Sort & organize large collections to easily to keep the track of your own images.
  • To the retouches and composite image or add text.
  • The effectively create photo slideshows & other projects.
  • The use of layers & one of the keys to enhancing your own Photoshop skills.
  • The use of correction & enhancement techniques.
  • Apply for various and styles of effects.
  • Convert the an image to the black & white.
  • Create special projects to share & including the cards or calendars.


  • Have the adobe Photoshop Element 15 installed on a PC and MAC.


  • Improve your own images so that will look spectacular and even if you don’t take the perfect shot.
  • The personalize the use of Photoshop elements to the suite  your specific needs in Photoshop .
  • Navigate the Photoshop elements to interface & discover the updated of newly enhanced the features.
  • The import of organize your own images so you can easily find them for you to use it.
  • Apply the basic & advanced techniques for the correct or enhancing you own photos.

As part of course that you shill receive exercise files and so you can practice that what you have learned or what you gain the confidence as you can go.

Be ready to make your own photo memories the magical.

Who is the target of audience?

In this course we created for the people who see the benefits of in Photoshop Elements & what you want to learn and how to use the impotent of recent version. You are new to the Photoshop  elements or upgrading from an older version of Photoshop. This is the perfect for anyone who is not completely confident with his or her current skills.

This course was to designed from of the ground up to ease way for use by newcomers & experienced for users like, Including the entry-level of photographers and image editors & hobbyists.

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