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Massive Tutorial: If you are interested in this course then you can learn it around  one week and learn the principles of sound & synthesis by mastering the capable & robust VST on the planet.

Created by: Dylan Bowes

Last Updated: 10/2013


What will you learn in this course ?

  • Figure out the inherent powerful of massive.
  • Navigate the VST Segment.
  • Figure out LFOs and oscillators or Clean & performers , effects.
  • Establish 100% unique synths and basses hits & FX.
  • Turn into a professional sound maker.
  • Figure out the synthesis & how to synthesize any sound.


It shill be effective to have a DAW such as logic and FL studio ETC but it is not important.


Here’s what student say about this course ?

This lecture is marvelous i have wish to learn massive through tons of Youtube videos & other  expert previously. This lecture taught me a lots thing than all of my previous achievement combined . I just build this lecture because learning is the principles of pure sound design unlocked up a world of possibilities for my productions. I Arrange this lecture to take the students from entire novice to expert. And i wish that i have experienced with sound design or synthesizers to aura comfortable.

Who is the target audience ?

  • Anybody who wish to learn synthesis form a non-nerd.
  • From starting to experienced music producers.

Size: 2.73G

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