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Marketing Management: In this course you will learn marketing form a Carnegie Mellon University PH.D. (2009) & A marketing professor teaching MBAs Since 2009.

Created by: Sameer Mathur

Last Updated: 11/2015


What will you learn in this course ?

  • To gain marketing with a 21st century perspective.
  • To gain How firms assess market opportunities & client value.
  • You will learn about segmentation & targeting or positioning.
  • Technique the new positioning & to gain how to built new  equity.
  • To gain how firms design pricing strategies.
  • Understand  an overall holistic generous of the breadth & depth of marketing.


  • There will be no qualification to take this course.
  • In this lecture we will teach you the basic principles of marketing management from beginner level to Advanced .


This MBA-LEVEL lecture will teach you the most crucial concepts in marketing theory & practice. If you want to know about business so this course will be best for you to attend.If you want to become a professional business man than you how to take this course because this course will improve your business level. The basic level concepts of marketing are Amply illustrated by mean of real word Example.

Who is the target audience ?

  • This course is develop by 2 segments of consumers.
  • Proposed MBA applicants & undergraduate person interested in taking a flavor of digital marketing concepts taught in School systems or business will find this lecture insightful & Gossipy.
  • You will find the basic principles of digital marketing in this course profitable.


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