Learn Javascript Step By Step

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Learn Javascript Step By Step

Learn Javascript Step By Step: In this course With Mr Rajesh Pillai you will learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, better practices, tips/tricks and also build a DOM based OO game.

Created By: Rajesh Pillai

Last Updated: 11/2018


What Will you Learn In this Learn Javascript Step By Step ?

  • ⭐ The student will be able to build large scale applications, understand how things works in deep level, and overall master the fundamental principles of programming.
  • ⭐ Understand closure, call, apply and bind function thoroughly.

  • ⭐ Build your own reusable component.

  • ⭐ Build and refactor a simple CRUD app.
  • ⭐ Implement drag and drop without using any library.
  • ⭐ Build your own pagination control/library.
  • ⭐ Build a DOM based game using OOP.

Requirements For This Learn Javascript Step By Step:

  • Basics of HTML and CSS.
  • Knowledge of any programming language will be helpful but not a prerequisite.

Description For This Learn Javascript Step By Step:

Welcome ❤️  to early access of the JavaScript fundamental course.   Treat this offer as a “One Time Investment” to all future updates.

Some of the topics we will cover is listed below  (content will be incrementally added and user feedback will be taken into consideration)

Early Bird Pricing in effect, free->$10.99->$20.99->$30.99+.  Once the course is full updated, the price will change.

The Core

✅ Introduction and basics

✅ Objects

✅ Functions

✅ Arrays

✅ Object Oriented Programming using es5/es6

✅ Call, Apply and Bind

✅ Closure

✅ Lexical Scoping

✅ Arrow functions

✅ Spread Operators

✅ REST Parameters

✅ Promise

✅ var/let/const



✅ DOM Manipulation

✅ Better practices

Building Re-usable Code

✅ Building Reusable Libraries/Components

✅ Implementing Drag and Drop without using third party library

Updated: Nov 2018

Game Development

✅ Build a pong game using OOP and DOM

Bonus Lectures:  To be published in Dec/Jan 2019

Node.js Development

✅ Node.js Foundations

Build a small Full Stack Application using JavaScript


✅ One-to-one relation

✅ One-to-many relation

✅ File/Image Uploading  etc.

And more…

Hope you enjoy this course!

Special ❤️  to the team at Algorisys Technologies for the support in creating these contents.

Who is the Target  Audience For This Learn Javascript Step By Step ?
  • Beginner programmer who wants to learn and understand how to use JavaScript to build websites and applications.

Size: 2.7GB

Content Retrieve From=>https://www.udemy.com/learn-and-master-javascript-step-by-step/

About the Instructor (Rajesh Pillai)

Rajesh has about 18+ years of experience in creating solutions for various verticals like ecommerce, banking, retail, travel and tourism using a variety of technologies and is passionate about teaching things in a very clear and crisp manner.

He is the founder of Algorisys Technologies and is responsible here for setting up and mentoring the Engineering team.

He is also actively part of the team architecting various products that are being developed at Algorisys and also responsible for skills development of employees as well as he has been actively mentoring some of their largest clients on front-end engineering.

He is actively consulting as an architect for re-engineering large e-commerce projects in JavaScript and NodeJS for various clients.

He has taught more than 500+ students as part of corporate training on front-end technologies and visualization and server-side programming.

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