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Learn Close Combat training: In this course you will learn the  military hand to hand combat and self defense systems & more experienced attackers.

Created by: Captain Chris Pizzo

Last updated: 5/2017


In this course what will you learn ?

  • First how to toss any man right  on his hand & how to break his arms on the way to down.
  • If someone choose you to do so I don’t take care if your weight is 90 pounds soaking wet.
  • First think that how  to snatch a loaded  gun right out of a Gangstas. 
  • How to win immediately fight from your enemy if you are bigger then. 
  • And how to fight with large attacker when you sew them you will be surprised.


  • there will be no experience necessary, The perfect people who don’t want to screw around the taking formal of self defense classes and if you don’t want to practice dozens movies or techniques and that’s is simply if you  want to learn how to fight with your attacker it is quite easy. 


The worlds most natural hand to hand combat system you will learn in this course & how to fight with your attackers you will learn from Captain Chris the way he teach it’s amazing & outstanding.

If you  would like to know that how even someone who is very slow out  of shape very lazy has zero self defense experience more about combat.

What really works in Combat?

Why everyone want to know about this questions ?

Because they will scared shitless  & rightfully so that they were about to lose their entire fortunes and a single greatest   threat mankind had ever seen.


Since you  are first foremost a professional educator you spent several years while teaching  in the Newark public school systems i just created these video as a special built in Quick learning. And i will will give you more information if you want more information about combat so than download the lectures below.

What is the target audience ? 

  • This lecture will not require a lots of time to master just you can learn it in a couple of hours even-though if you are total fighting green horn now. 
  • This lecture will not require you  to be a peak physical condition.
  • This lecture will not require you  to be uninjured while  working, These are gross motor movement techniques .


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