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Java network Programming: In this course you will learn How to write Powerful network applications.

Created by: Mr.Catalin Baba

Last Updated: 9/2016


What will you learn in this course  ?

  • You will learn how to Understand core concepts of network communication.
  • You will learn how to Become familiar with basics of networking: internet architecture, IP addresses, TCP connections, ports.
  • In  this course you will Learn how to create java threads & how to use java IO.
  • You will Learn the basics of Java sockets programming: creation & usage of sockets;
  • Learn and Know how to develop Client/Server TCP and UDP applications.
  • You will Learn how to transfer data between server/client applications running on different machines on the network.
  • You will learn Code applications like: Port Scanner, Browse the Internet, Web Scraping, Get network interface properties, Validate IP Addresses, Ping a remote host.
  • You will learn in this course Develop more complex network applications: File Transfer Application, Small Web Server, Send Emails.
  • In this course you will need simply A Computer such Windows and Mac or Linux.
  • You will need basic java experience and knowledge.
  • You will need the internet skills.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is create for anybody who is interested and learn network programming.
  • In your life if you have never written code than guys this course is not for you.

Size: 503.08M



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