How Easy is To Approve Google AdSense (2018) : Get 5 Free Courses

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How Easy is To Approve Google AdSense (2018) : Get 5 Free Courses

How Easy is To Approve Google AdSense (2018) : Get 5 Free Courses


How Easy is To Approve Google AdSense (2018) : Get 5 Free Courses: AdSense is for sure one of the best Ads Network in the world, it has the best real time pageviews and earning which makes Google AdSense the most unique platform in the world.

How To Approve Google AdSense Account in 2018 Applies For Every Country Members

Niche: First you must choose your favorite niche or topic on which you can write day and night in simple words which you love writing and passionate about.

Once you choose your favorite niche like:- Cooking, Fashion, Beauty, Education, Business etc.

Theme: Now choose hundreds of WordPress Themes that excites you and which is extremely easy for users to navigate through the website. Now I say WordPress, WP is the most easy way to start your blogging career that is why I suggest WP basically it is best for SEO, Fast Loading and Easy to Learn.

Once you choose your theme now you are set to the next step.

Domain & Hosting: You can purchase your domain from Namecheap you can purchase your domain .com for over $11 USD and You can same purchase your web hosting from namecheap.

WordPress & Theme Installation: Now it’s the time to install your wordpress once you installed the wordpress now you can easily upload your WP theme in the appearance => Theme Section and click to upload and then activate your theme.

WordPress Basic Settings: Now design your logo and install SEOYoast Plugin and put your site Title and Meta Description. Now goto permalinks and set your permalink to post name.

Google/Bing Webmaster Tools: Now verify your ownership to your websites by uploading the Google & Bing verification page to your cpanel web hosting and when you verified, you are good to go.

Important Pages: Now create the pages such as: About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, DMCA pages these pages are really important to get approved by Google AdSense Ads Network.

Articles/Posts: Once you done all the above settings now you need to write at least 35+ Articles with over 500+ words (No Copy Past Articles) If you found out that you are using plagiarized content you will never be approved by google adsense ads network.

Social Presence: Now whenever you write an article you must post that piece of content on your social media platforms as it is said that you must focus 20 percent on writing and the rest 80% on the promotion of your blog, the more your articles are visible online the more traffic you going to get.

Now when I mean to say that sharing your blog posts is an important task it is important for Google AdSense network too they need a good amount of users to your blog so that they could approve your AdSense account.

Now as it may seem very huge amount of articles 35+ articles with over 500 plus words which are extremely large for some people, Now I suggest many people that you must now start blogging if you don’t have interest, Now blogging must be a passion for you to write and enjoy, the more you enjoy the better your posts will look and the better will your blog be visible to millions people around the world.

Now Google will not accept your approval for AdSense Account if you don’t have 35 plus articles on your blog because simply if you don’t have enough articles nobody will visit your blog and exactly no advertiser will want to bid on your website.

The more you get premium content by yourself in the blog the more trust you going to build with Google, Once you build the trust by your content to your users and Google the more benefit you will get in the long term blogging.

Now many noobs are seeing that professionals are getting huge amount of money from blogging that those noobs also start blogging but after few months they leave blogging and also they wasted their time. Now if you are here just your purpose it so earn good amount of money by blogging sorry this article is not for you. (Now I don’t mean to hurt anyone but its truth).

As Warren Buffett Says, “The More You Learn, The More You Earn”.

Now for beginners you must learn the basics of WordPress, SEO, Social Media, Writing Skills, Logo & Thumbnail Designing. So, that you can start your blogging career from today and build your blog now so that you will get very soon the best results in very less time.

Now each course regarding SEO, WordPress, Social Media or Digital Marketing, Writing Skills and graphics designing free lectures are available in this website you can download them for free and start learning today.

Build Backlinks & Build Good Communication: Now when you done all of the above things now its time to start communicating with bloggers and start building backlinks so that your website authority grows and as well as your traffic.

Now it is easy to build your communication with bloggers just by visiting their websites and getting their email or contact for just by emailing them: (You can start by writing articles like=> Top 50 Best Bloggers in YOUR COUNTRY NAME) and then emailing them that you are discussed in this blog and probably many bloggers will reply and communicate with you.

Youtube Channel: These days YouTube channel is the most important form of traffic engagement. As you write your posts into your blog and now you can also do a video on the same like now you can video yourself and then upload that piece of video to your YouTube channel and then linking it to your blog. Many people would love to read your blog too for the next time.

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