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Google Spreadsheet: In this course you learn from beginning to the dashboard greater and you will create your own  details & have edge over your associate.

Created by: Shahbaz haidar

Last Updated: 5/2017


In this course what will you learn ? 

  • Consider set of data.
  • Built visually appealing greater based on data.
  • Design dashboard for day to day process.


  • Would you understand English.
  • Would you understand the basic of mathematics such as Addition & subtraction  or multiplication etc.


One who instructor the  conclusion derived by glance at data. is obligated towards succeed. You can not be  standing behind anyone and glance  what he or she is performing and recording data about you & him or her etc. You  wish amazing dashboards. This shill benefit to track the progress in real time and also analyze them at convinced intervals. But now we have a lots of tools like google spreadsheet, We should use them in our lecture. This course shill catch you all the way that you are searching for from  zero ground to building amazing dashboards & details that will change the way you do your job easily.

Who is the target audience ?

  • youthful professionals.
  • Administrator.
  • Human being who need to become freelancers.

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