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Google  Analytics Mastery: In this course you will learn  the sky rocket marketing & results through the power of the data analysis or Google analytics.

Created by: George Gill

Last Updated 6/2016


What Will You learn in this Course?

  • The proper of setup & configuration of Google analytics.
  • The clear overview of navigating Google analytics.
  • The Integration with the Google Ad-words & webmaster tools. 
  • The clear of understanding of reports & action steps to words them.
  • The advanced customization of the data to drill into the what you need.
  • The advanced events of  measurement.
  • The support Group to assist that when you Get stuck.



In this course you will learn the secrets of the world’s and most of successful online marketers.

If you are looking for an insider shortcut of the guide to create you for success online that shill full charge your business & your wealth or give them your life back. Then you have gotten read of every word on this page.

Because what you are about to learn what shill you bring whatever you desire in your life.

Google Analytics Mastery course

The reason why to be successful in your business & in your life you should have laser focus & consistent action towards what is your work. The secret is to know that what is working or not be distracted one bit by all of the blinking new channels and tools or sites beg for the attention.

Most of the people in your business can get the some traffic to their website and typically spend some time on the Facebook and twitter or any other social media sites available to them. Or may do some basic search engine optimization.

Successful online’ Most of the people don’t have the time or a direction to know that where is & what to focus on So most of people try to do it all Jack of all trades and master of none.

See, Everybody has access to Facebook & Google or Twitter etc. The fact of your customers are really amazing there too.

Everyone is searching on Google They are hanging out on the Facebook. So why do most of the businesses just spin of their wheels & flounder around in the search of success.

When you think about it or you think that it’s  really training of course or you buy rather then investment into your business of foundation or membership of that will continue you to give back for years to come back.

If you get stuck on it so we are just a comment and email away as our analytics team have monitors that the members area conversation on analytics.

No issue that in your life  you have never seen a single of web analytics. or if you are a veteran and just trying to get the further ahead with your own results. And if you have tired of every shiny object that is come along and failed.


Who is the target audience ?

  • Anyone with a business or marketing online & offline.
  • And anyone with a websites.
  • Anyone who is looking to improve has  sales & lead conversions.
  • In the online business your managers is looking for differentiate Themselves.
  • Marketing and companies are interested in the guiding clients for better results.
  • Web designers are looking for differentiate for themselves.

Size: 3.4G

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