Linux Jump-start – Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin

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Linux Jump-start - Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin

Linux Jump-start – Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin: In this course with Mr Samuel Ojo you will learn how to Become a Linux Server Administrator with this Focused and Practical Linux Course.

Created By:  Samuel Ojo

Last Updated: 9/2018


What Will You Learn In this Linux Jumpstart – Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin ?

  • Ability to Administer Linux Server.
  • Ability to understand and use Linux for Day-to-day business activities.

  • Ability to Install Linux in a Virtual Environment.

  • Ability to Deploy a Linux Server in the Cloud.

Requirements For This Linux Jumpstart – Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin:

  • Basic Computer Skills.
  • Ability to use the internet.
  • Interested in Learning Linux.
  • Ability to Follow OnScreen Instrutions.

Description For THIS Linux Jumpstart – Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin:

If you are here right now reading this it means you either considering taking this course or have decided to take this course. Either way, Congratulations. I am very sure this course will be a great addition to your skills or a great way to start your journey into Linux Administration and Security.

Are you a Fresh Graduate? Are you a student seeking to start your journey into IT? Are you trying to change career? Are you a developer? Are you a System Administration on Linux Platform or Are You Responsible for Smooth running a web application servers? Then this course is for you.

Ever wondered how you can secure your server for web applications? Now you can, by learning how to build and secure a web server, including a bonus chapter on Linux Server Deployment on Google Cloud Platform.

Take this course and you will have lifetime access to my upcoming updates and all your questions will also be answered in speed of light.

Just a quick tip about leaving me  a review.

Sometimes, Udemy asks for review and ratings for a course too early. And I know that it’s hard to truly know about a course by just seeing few minutes.

This is therefore my request, Please take some time to go through the course and once you get a fair idea, then please you can leave your honest review and rating. I would appreciate a good rating, however, if there is any area you will like to request improvement kindly send me a message. I usually respond to message within 1-2 days.

I look forward to your help and will keep publishing updates to this course and new topics, so as to help you in your learning goals and your career growth.

Welcome to this course.

Wishing you all the best

Let’s keep learning, let’s keep improving!!!


Who is the target audience For This Linux Jumpstart – Getting Stated with Linux Server Admin ?
  • Anyone who is Linux Enthusiast.
  • Anyone who is Beginner System Administrator.
  • Anyone who is  Curious About Linux.

Size: 2.8GB

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About the Instructor (Samuel Ojo)

Samuel Ojo

Mr Samuel Ojo is The Founder, Extramoral Accelerated Learners.

I’ve built companies, invested in them – financially and technically. I thrive in creating products and technologies that improve the way people live.

I am lifelong entrepreneur. I have started small businesses since before I could understand the word ‘business’. I know how to help businesses save cost in areas critical to business success such as marketing and technologies.

While I am not an active programmer, I am passionate about using technology to dramatically improve the world we live in. I’m a Cloud Architect with proofing years of experience, and certification on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. I am also a Linux Expert both on-premise and cloud with years of practical experiences and certification. I am a Social Media Enthusiast with skills and experience in managing social media marketing, and I have a certification to back it up.

I possess a unique ability of understanding complex data easily and can learn anything in a matter of days. I also enjoy discussing and teaching what I know to people to help them shorten their learning processes.

I am a speed-reader with over 75% retention ability, amateur photographer/editor, and all-round eclectic.

I have helped companies build successfully websites, cloud server deployments for enterprise applications, deploy and configure enterprise emailing system on office 365. Build bulk email server with Amazon SES on AWS and provide on-demand technical support with focus on providing solutions for high-availability, and disaster recovery.

Now, I am the founder of Extramoral Accelerated Learners, a company devoted to providing people with learning skills. Because quite frankly, learning how to learn is the most important skill anyone could develop. My mission is to help as many as 2m people around the world better their learnings.

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