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Game Music Composition: In this course you will learn How to Compose Music for anybody & every kind of video game and you learn in this course from beginner to Advanced.

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Created by: Karleen Heong

Last Updated: 11/2017


What will you learn in this course?

  • Treasure Trove high Quality and original video game music For Any type of game & genre for your own game and for anybody else’s game.
  • Begin or further your feature as a game music Treasure trove.
  • Understand The music theory and Music Composition or Music production & general game music knowledge.


  • Mac and  PC skillful  of running FL Studio 12 & any other Digital Audio Workstation.
  • MIDI keyboard is OPTIONAL.


A best Video game music will search at the process from all angles and While FREQUENTLY Considering the Following=>

  • What genre and style of music will go Awesome  with the video game?
  • How will the soundtrack Cable in with the existing sound effects during game play?
  • Will this music be looped? How often will the player hear it? Is it likely fluster and disturbing?

You will be the one who study first the complex & often forgotten art of the game music composition. if you search still there will be no course in game composing for this price. This course will be the 1st aims to be  absolute great for you.

Who is the audience ?

  • Indie & solo game design wanting to make Specialist music for their own self games.
  • Composers & music Specialist searching to enter the video game music industry.
  • Anybody who wished to learn how to make music for video games.

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