The Complete Xamarin Developer Course, ISO and Android (udemy)

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The Complete Xamarin Developer Course, ISO and Android (udemy): In this course you will learn how to Bulid Your Platform Across With Help Of  Andriod And IOS Apps Such As Xamarin Forms, Xamiran Classic, Azure Mobile App Services, Rest And More.

Created by: Tim Buchlka’ Learn Programing Academy, Eduardo Rosas

Last Update: 6/18


What Will You learn in this Complete Xamarin Developer Course?

  • Your are going to learn Creating these native Andriod and iOS apps that share up to 100% code.
  • It will only apply for junior mobile development  positions (android and iOS).
  • Your are going to learn Increasing career options as a Multiplatform developer which is a great thing for developers.
  • Your are going to learn about Xamarin opens up the opportunities or you to bulid up your Windows Desktop,Windows Store, Mac, and even smartwatch apps that shares the logic of your iOS and Android app.

Requirements For This Complete Xamarin Developer Course:

  • A windows computer preferably with 8.1 or higher required for first part of the Course (Xamarin Forms) instead you can also use windows 7 or higher for the Xamarin classic part of the Crouse.
  • A Mac computer with OS X EI Caption (10.11) or higher if you want to use a Mac for Xamarin development.
  • If you want to test iOS apps you should need to have a Mac, however you can code and design them from Windows too.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to learn and to know how to code in Xamarin.
  • Some knowledge of programing is much needed, but not required.

Size: 3.65GB

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About the Instructor : (Tim Buchalka’s Learn Programming Academy)

Tim Buchalka's Learn Programming Academy

They are professional programmers & teachers they have more than 346,084 students on Udemy. They have Published more than  28 courses on  Udemy. They love to teach the People and understand them, The learn Programming  Academy was created By Tim Buchalka, the software developer with 35 years experience.








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