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Excel Formulas: In this course you will Learn form basic to advanced  all  Excel formulas + functions and make a pro Excel Template.

Created by: Kawser Ahmed

Last Updated: 6/2016


What will you learn in this course?

  • In this course you will learn excel formulas & Functions from zero.
  • And you learn how to design a professional level of excel template while using excel functions.


In your PC you must have Microsoft or If you don’t have than installed it in your PC.


In this course you will learn 11 Excel data analysis. My intelligent student had taken online lecture since November/2015 with three hundred total reviews. Excel formulas are the heart of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. IF Excel formulas & functions were not available than the excel spreadsheet should be like fancy word-processing document. You are welcome to EXCEL FORMULAS & FUNCTIONS lecture. I shill begin from first & if you are known about excel uses than I will start from first lecture in this lecture you will learn excel formulas & functions if you want your documents saved than use excel whenever you want your documents beck than open the excel file. There is option where you shill learn how to manipulate text using the excel formulas & functions. In Excel you can change the font if you want italic etc. The you must work with VLOOKUP & INDEX Formulas. It the end of this course you will design the professional Excel template Where you shill learn how to make the complex Excel formulas using the Excel functions. There is not the end of this course Time to Time I will teach you more lectures about excel if you have problem In Excel formulas & functions than you can ask me in comment.

If you are interested to learn from basic to Advanced Excel formulas & functions with organic life work. Then this lecture is for you. Thank you for reading Enjoy the lovely course.

Who is the target audience?

This lecture is determining for intermediate level Excel users who are intimate with the general thinking of Excel features .

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