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Linear Regression In Python: In this course You will  Learn linear of regression From Scratch and how  to build your own working program in python for data of analysis.

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Last Updated: 5/2017


What Will You learn in this Course?

  • The derive & solve of a linear regression model & apply for it appropriately to data science problems.
  • The program that your own version of a linear regression of model in Python.


  • How to take a derivative of using Calculus.
  • The basic of Python programing.
  • For the advanced section  of the course you will need to know that what is probability.
  • For The advanced section  of  the course you will need to know That what is the Gaussian of distribution.


In this course they teaches that you about one popular technique used in Machine learning, Data science and Statistics: linear regression. We will cover the theory from the ground up: The derivation  of the solution & The applications to true-word problems. We show that how one might code their own linear regression the module in the Python. 

Linear of Regression is the simple one that the machine learning & yet there is too much depth that you will  be returning to it for the years to come. That’s why It’s a better introductory course If you are interested in taking your 1st steps in the fields of:

  • The deep learning.
  • The machine learning.
  • The data science.
  • The statistics.

Let me tell you that in the first section: I will show you that how to use  1-D linear regression to prove that that is true Moore’s Law.

I Will tell you that in the next section : Y0u will extend that the 1-D linear regression to any-dimensional linear of regression- and how to create a machine learning model of that can learn from multiple inputs.

This course will not require any external materials. Everything needed (Python, & some Python libraries) will be obtained for free.


All the course will be download from my GitHub;


In the directory of linear regression class

Make sure that you will always git pull So you  have the latest version over here:

Hard prerequisites/Knowledge You are assumed to have:

  • The calculus.
  • The linear algebra.
  • The probability.
  • The Python coding: if/else and loops or lists & Dict, loading a CSV file.

Who is the target audience?

  • The people who ware interested in the data science and machine learning or statistics & artificial intelligence.
  • The people new that how to data science who would like an easy introduction to the topic.
  • The people whose wish is to advance their career by getting into the one of technology’s treading fields and data science.
  • The self-though programmers who you want to improve their computer science theoretical skills.
  • The Analytics experts who want to learnt the basic theoretical basis behind one 0f statistics and most-used algorithms.

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