The Complete Typescript Programming Guide for Web Developers

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The Complete Typescript Programming Guide for Web Developers

The Complete Typescript Programming Guide for Web Developers: In this course with  Eduonix Learning SolutionsEduonix-Tech you will learn Master TypeScript Development and Object Oriented JavaScript. 

Created By:  Eduonix Learning SolutionsEduonix-Tech

Last Updated: 10/2010


What Will You Learn In this The Complete Typescripts Programming Guide for Web Developers ?

  • In this Typescript course you will Learn to program using Typescripts.
  • In this Typescript course you will Learn about annotations and static type checking.

  • In this Typescript course you will Learn the concepts of Object oriented programming.

  • In this Typescript course you will learn the Master ES2015 Integration.
  • In this Typescript course you will learn how to Create a complete project from scratch using Typescript.

Requirements For This The Complete Typescript Programming Guide for Web Developers:

  • Student should have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript before taking this course.

Description For This The Complete Typescript Programming Guide for Web Developers :

TypeScript was practically unheard of before its introduction in Angular 2, but post Angular 2, TypeScript has been gaining its own fandom with developers who are constantly on the lookout for faster, easier and more productive languages.

TypeScript has since become an independent popular language to use for app development within the industry. A lot of people are leaning towards using TypeScript because it is a simple language that makes development easy. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, which means it can be considered as an add-on to the language. So, if you are already familiar with JavaScript, you are halfway through the battle.

TypeScript makes it easy to not only code, but also offers numerous features such as all the benefits of ES6 and also a brilliant compiler. TypeScript’s offers a static type-checking that allows the compiler to discover mistakes and errors during compilation, rather than during testing, reducing the coding time drastically.

Here’s your chance at becoming an expert on TypeScript. Learn this brilliant amazing language and advance your skillset. Learn how to code powerful apps, using the simplest language you can find. This course has been designed specifically to help you transition from a beginner to an expert in TypeScript. All you need is to know is the basics of JavaScript, the rest you will find within this course.

In this course, you will start from the very beginning with a detailed introduction to TypeScript, it’s basic commands and how it can be integrated with JavaScript. You will learn how to set up the environment, different data types that you can use including strings, booleans, arrays, tuples, and enoms.

From there on, the course will also cover advanced TypeScript features such as interface and generics; learn how to integrate ES2015 and use its features such as arrow functions and template literals. You will also learn use classes and objects within TypeScript such as inheritance, modifiers, adding interfaces to classes, etc.

Last but not least, you will also get hands-on training, by actually designing a project from scratch. You will build a To Do App in TypeScript with Web pack. This project will help you put all the theories you’ve learned throughout the course into practical application including setting up the environment, automating typescript compiling, adding todo classes with interface, static typing, block scoping with let and const, and also local storage implementation for persisting data.

With so much left to learn, what are you waiting for? Let’s make you a TypeScript master!

Who Is The Target Audience For  This The Complete Typescript Programming Guide for Web Developers  ?
  • Student who want to learn front end programming with Typescript will find this course very beneficial.

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