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Complete  Filmmaker Guide: Learn the complete An incredible video creator, Get the 7 years of film-making experience and everything from per-production to editing in the 5 hours.

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Created by: Julian Melanson

Last Updated: 6/2017


What Will You learn in this Course?

  • The complete mastery over the lenses & lighting or sound recording and cinematography or  the editing.
  • The create your own incredible of video from the scratch with a brand new understanding of the film-making.
  • The understand of timeless video of principle is to stay with you in the all projects & forever.
  • The gain of  a film school level understanding the conceptualizing & shooting or editing a project.
  • To take an idea & fully translate it into your own unique style of a video.
  • You will use one kind of downloadable PDF’s to the map out and track your own career & video making progress.


  • You might be an aspiring creative wanting to create the incredible video clip.
  • You might have a beginning & moderate understanding of the shooting & editing. 
  • You might have a camera  & video editing software.


  1. To creative and personal skill of development.

Before You even dive into the film-making aspects  & i explain the secrets to other courses leave out. These principles act as the framework for the creativity to built on which include:

  • The self discovery.
  • Optimized the daily routine.
  • The life map & progress tracking.
  • The emulating of others success.

      2.The understanding of per-production.

  • The guidelines that the all films follow.
  •  The Pre-production of process.
  • The research & development.
  • The creating of characters  & story or shot list .

3. The secrets of the production.

This is my own favorite part of course that i will share the golden rules of timeless principles of the film-making that shill allow you to the create incredible videos regardless of what kind of equipment & editing software you are using. This portion shill absolutely have the most of impact effect on your videos. A few of that techniques that includes:

  • The mastering of your lenses.
  • The key of principles is lighting.
  • The sound of recording the fundamentals.
  • The filming of fundamentals.
  • The mastering of the framing & shot choice or camera movement.

4. The mastering of post-production.

The most complex of time consuming the part of any video of post-production process. I shed  the same light on using this step to create an awesomely unique video that stands of out among the sea of bland online content.

  • The capturing & organizing or creating a Rough edit.
  • The main factors of the knowing when to cut it.
  • The matching color of shape or movement.
  • The montage of essentials.
  • The color correction or color grading.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is just for beginning to intermediate the you-tubers & video bloggers or Filmer and all video creators.

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