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Cinematic Color Grading: In this course you will that how to make video as a alive & the next level using qualified color or grading the techniques .

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Created by: Matti haapoja

Last Updated: 3/2017


What will you learn in this course ?

  • You shill know that how to use industry standard techniques & tips to color the grade your movies in a vivid way using the variety of projects and plugins.


  • Be going to have a basic understanding of adobe premiere pro if you are editing the programs.
  • You would be able to movie your video clip & do as simple edit as i am doing.
  • A main understanding of after effects  & davinci shill help that is not required.


This lecture is arrange to show us what does into making the cinematic color class for your movie & how to better explain the story through color grading. We shill see that learning about theory of color and how tools help us while grade.

Why usually people take this course ?

It’s simple to become a movies maker & make the market saturated. But one of the great way that you will make your movies stand out and look more professional by using  the color grade.If you complete this course once than you shill be able to improve the quality of your movie , And you will be able to charge your clients because they know that they are  earning is the best of the best quality.

Who is the target audience ?

  • This lecture is for all movie makers who want to take their post practical to the next level.
  • Videographers who wants to become a professional color grade on their movies.

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