Build An Advanced Keylogger Using C++ For Ethical Hacking

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Build An Advanced Keylogger Using C++ For Ethical Hacking

Build Keylogger Using C++ For Hacking: This course will teach you step by step how to code the keylogger in C++ to build you very own keylogger using Windows.

Created By: Ermin Kreponic

Last Updated: 9/2016

Language: English

What Will You Learn In This Course?

  • You will learn to create your very own keylogger using C++.
  • You will learn to create other projects too after taking this course.
  • You will learn to develop your custom keylogger for Windows.
  • You will be given access to ask question direct from the instructor of the course.


  • This course will be much more easy if you have little or beginner knowledge of C++.

Description: If you want to learn from the beginning to advanced C++ programming language, first you have the opportunity to create your very own keylogger for use in Windows secondly you will have the complete knowledge to build your very own other projects in C++.

This keylogger is going to record all records of keyboard and mouse. It can even record language settings and email and passwords while the passwords were encrypted but we will create a program in the same course that can decrypt those passwords easily.

By taking this course we will create much more features in this same keylogger project that can have the capabilities to copy paste recording website URLs etc. Indeed, this course is different from the rest of the courses in the market this course guarantees you hands on practical work on projects.

Who Is The Target Audience For This Course?

  • If you have already taken few course on Ethical Hacking, this course will further boost you to learn new things that can help you create your own tools for hacking.
  • This course will also ensure you that while you learned this course completely you will be able to create your own tools and programs, So if you want to learn C++ hands on practice this course is for you.

Size: 2.90 GB

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