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Become  A Trigonometry Master: In this course you will learn everything about Trigonometry & precalculus.

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Created by: krista king

Last Updated: 8/2017


What Will You learn in this Course?

  • The introduction to the angles & including complementary or supplementary angles.
  • The angles & their measure or including degrees  and DMS or radians.
  • The unite of circle & including even-odd or sum-different and half-angle or double-angle or the product to sum and to product.
  • The graphing of trig functions & including sine or cosine graphs and transformations.
  • The law of sines & the law of cosines or including the heron’s formula.
  • The polar coordinates & Including converting coordinates or equations.
  • The graphing polar curves & including circles or cardio-ids and limacons  & lemniscates .
  • The parametric curves & including converting or sketching parametric curves .


  • The fundamentals of mathematics & Algebra  are must .
  • Some Geometry will help but  it is not must .


This 60 lesson course will includes the video in which all explanations of everything form the Trigonometry & precalculus. Become a Trigonometry master will organized into the following sections of the course:

  • The angles.
  • The unit circle.
  • The trig functions & trig identities.
  • The graphing of trig functions.
  • The law of sines & the law of cosines.
  • The polar coordinates & graphing polar curves.
  • The parametric curves.

Who is the target audience?

  • The current trigonometry & precalculus students or students about to begin the trigonometry and precalculus who are looking for to get ahead.
  • The home-school parents are looking for the extra support of trigonometry and precalculus.
  • Anyone who wants to study the mathematics for the fun after being away from the school for a while.

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