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Become  A  Geometry Master: In this course you will learn everything about Geometry.

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Created by: krista king

Last Updated: 7/2017


What Will You learn in this Course?

  • The quadrilaterals and triangles or circles.
  • The three-dimensional geometry & including prisms or pyramids, cylinders and cones & spheres.
  • The Figures angles and including translating or rotating & reflecting.
  • The logic & proofs and including the conditionals or converses.
  • The Parallels & polygons or including  interior & exterior angles.
  • The triangle congruence & including SSS, ASA, SAS, AAS, HL & CPCTC.
  • The shapes in the space is including distance between the points in space.
  • The Dilation’s & scale factors or including the triangle similarity of statements.


  • The fundamentals of math.
  • The basic of algebra.


This 72-lesson course will includes the video in which the explanations of everything will be from Geometry.

To become a Geometry master will organized into many following sections such as:

  • The quadrilaterals.
  • The triangle.
  • The three-dimensional geometry.
  • The introduction to geometry.
  • The simple logic & proofs.
  • The parallels & polygons.
  • The triangle & congruence.
  • The Shape in the space.
  • The dilation’s & scale factors.

There is some students who become a Good geometry:

It was a well though programs about geometry that will helped me review that what i learned in the school to stay fresh throughout the large summer & to go into the next level school year fresh off of mathematics.

Krista king is very has experienced about teachers who always offers to the students complete subject matter coverage & efficient or effective lectures/learning experiences. She is not only understands the course materials to the students but she always try to select/ uses the excellent application examples for her students & presents them softly and skillfully using the visual teaching aids & methods.

This is my second course in (algebra previously) Ms, king’s offerings. And i enjoyed a lot this course & i learned a lot .

In  each video  explains a concept, followed by working of several examples that i learned the most by listening to Ms king’s teaching of the concept were really amazed, Stopping the Video   & then attempting for the examples of problems that i have. After working very hard the problems and then watching her completely watch her examples i found that i really retained the concepts of her. A better instructor!  Charles M.

Who will be the target of audience?

  • The current geometry students &  students about to start the geometry who are looking for to get ahead .
  • The home-school   parents are looking for extra support with the geometry.
  • Anyone who wants to study mathematics for fun after being away from the school for a while. 

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