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ASP.NET MVC: In this course you will learn the new version of web Application Development.

Created By: Mohammed Manzoor Ahmed

Last Updated: 2/2016


What will you learn in this course ?

  • Recognize The core Concepts of Entity Framework.
  • Begin working With Entity framework as your own data access layer.
  • Handle the all time Scenarios when you are working with Entity Framework.
  • Recognize the basics of ASP.NET MVC.
  • In the Last of this course you will be in a Position to design any web application using ASP.NET MVC & Entity Framework.


  • In this course you will need VS2013 And any new version of ASP.NET MVC & Entity framework.
  • Specially SQL server management studio 2012 or any new version. 


  • Nawaz Ahmed Great  Course for Entity Framework with MVC Well Understand Contents &  Topics, Talks more on Real world Implementation &  business scenarios, Clear Voice Collecting all above points make this course a Great  one to attend Thanks manzoor sir for this video & adding more confident in me..
  • Antonio Marques Taltavul Good & Clear Thanks for this course, simple & to the point explication at every lesson. Great  work!!!!
  • Barlet Hamzai Awesome  Course Awesome  course & easy to follow. This course taught me that how to use Entity Framework with both WebForms & MVC.
  • Saujan Simple But Effective! Straight to the point, not like other instructor who spend 15 minutes to explain 4 lines of useless code, outstanding will join his asp .net MVC web.
  • Software Developer Zaheer Husain this course is very helpfull for learning asp .net mvc .

ASP.NET MVC will gives as  a powerful, patterns-based way to create  dynamic websites that enables a Soft separation of concerns & that gives as  full control over markup for enjoyable, agile development. ASP.NET MVC includes manyd new  features that enable fast, TDD-friendly development for building  sophisticated applications that use the latest new web standards.

ASP.NET MVC ?  This course is Absolutely for beginners to start with the basic & slowly create more Advanced Concepts like View Customization with Bootstrap & How to configure the authentication.

Who is The Target Audience  ?

  • Anybody who has extensively worked  on ASP.NET WEB & have Experienced in Development.
  • Different  graduates with solid Considerate  of Asp.Net Web forms, C# OOPs, Ado.Net DataReader or Datasets & MS SQL server query writing.

Size: 1.71G

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