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Art History Renaissance To 20th Century: In this course you will Learn the basic of survey & painting or sculpture and Architecture.

Created by professor: Kenney Mencher

Last Updated: 12/2015


What Will I Learn In This Course?

  • Pass the any basic level of art in the history class of  collage level.
  • Go to the museums or  the art galleries and really understand that what you are looking for.


  • Just the internet & a browser.


This is the part of a year-long & collage-level survey course in  the art  history. This course will covers art history From the European & Renaissance around 1300 A.D. Until the Mid 20th century.

This course will designed the basic of collage-level & survey the art history. I provide an online textbook as well as study guides & worksheets.

This course will cover the language used to discuss what is art. A complete overview of the art, Culture & Architecture from the Renaissance to the 1950s.

Each work will covered in depth, The works physical  & formal properties are discussed such as technology will used to create the work & color or medium materials and composition or shading.

The symbolism of  the each work will  discussed that how to  interpret  the interrelationship of  the symbols in a work of art.

This course will be the actual content of a course that teach the an accredited collage in California called oh-lone collage.

I designed this course as a series of clear & non-jargon laden video lectures   & texts designed to help the any student who wants to pass the AP art history & any beginning level of art history that survey the course.

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