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All You Need to Know About is the platform launched by the one and only on November / 18 / 2018. Jahasoft is providing a lot of the web services all around the world.

The aim of making the site is to motivate the youth of Baluchistan. The site name is QuettaWaly which might create some questions about its target visitors but in real the website is created for all the people of Baluchistan.

The main of is to highlight the talented and successful personalities of Quetta who are working a lot of miracle works but are still invisible for the people of Baluchistan, Pakistan and all around the world. is doing hard work daily to identify the talent of Pakistan on any field on any level and highlight them across Baluchistan and all over the world.

It will surely create a positive image of Baluchistan not only in Pakistan but also all around the world. The post is a sponsored post.

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