Algorithmic Problems in Java | Udemy

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Algorithmic Problems in Java | Udemy

Algorithmic Problems in Java: In this course you will learn the backtracking and Dynamic Programming or Sudoku & Kknapsack problem, Binpacking, Closest Pair of Points, Recursion and Monte Carlo.

Created By: Holczer Balazs

Last Updated: 4/2018


What will you learn in this course ?

  • You will learn in this course Backtracking.
  • You will learn Recursive Approaches.
  • You will learn From Scratch.


  • While taking this course you  will need the basic  knowledge of java.

Who is the target Audience ?

  • Anyone who is not  familiar with algorithmic problems in the main and Anyone who is searching for some refresher.

Size: 948.21M


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