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ADVANCED PROGRAMMING PARADIGMS (PLC IV): In this course you will learn the functional block diagrams and sequential function charts or Instruction lists, Ladder Diagrams & Structured Text.

Created By: Paul Lynn

Last Updated: 5/2017


What will you learn in this course ?

  • It the last of this course you would be able to program nearly any kind of modern PLC regardless of MFG.
  • They will be knowledgeable after taking this course.
  • They will be know how to lay out a Complex PLC Program after this  course.


  • Every kind of software is needed for this course is available for free & links will be provided.
  • You would have already finished PLC programming from Scratch.
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is a follow-up to “PLC Programming from Scratch (PLC I)” & builds upon the knowledge/experience & techniques imparted in that course with NO reviews &  primers.
  • If you have not already finished my course titled “PLC Programming from Scratch (PLC I)”, you are Apparently NOT ready for this one. If you have taken it but you’ve forgotten anything, it would behoove you to go back through it before taking this course.
  • PLC II and PLC III are NOT Essential for this course.

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